Trivium offers several kinds of workshops and debate moderation. Our experience with debating and wide variety of trainers allows us to develop suitable courses for everyone. We also have several members with extensive experience in moderating and judging debates.

Because our association does not have a commercial aim, we are able to keep our prices low.


Debating is getting increasingly popular in secondary schools: More and more schools have their own debating club, and for several years now debating has been a mandatory part of the curriculum. Are you a coordinator of a debating club and do you want to be well prepared for a tournament? Do you want to prepare your students for debating in class? Or would you like to introduce your students to debating in a fun, accessible and interactive way? Trivium is ready to help!
In our basic workshop “Introduction to debating” we teach the students how to develop good arguments and give rebuttals. In addition, we cover topics such as framing, structure and presentation.
Because we tailor our courses to your wishes, we can also focus specifically on your needs. We can develop a course for every grade: from a course for senior students who already have experience with debating, to an accessible, interactive introduction to debating for younger students.  Are you interested in our services? Please contact us! We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


We are happy to offer courses and debate support to our fellow students. This can be for instance for study associations, student organisations such as political youth organisations, interest groups, student associations etc.
In almost every study there are elements of debating incorporated. Sometimes in the form of an actual debate, but debating is also an important skill for, for example, arguing in an essay or giving a presentation. That is why Trivium also offers courses for arguing and presenting. On several occasions we have also given low-threshold debating courses to students for whom debating is part of the curriculum.
For student organisations we offer customized courses. For example, we have provided workshops for several political youth organizations to improve their debating skills, and thus better achieve their goal as an association. In addition, we are happy to organize, lead and judge debates for you. We provide fun and challenging statements, lead the debate and give feedback and tips for the speakers.
We are happy to discuss what we can offer you. For study and student organisations we can negotiate the rate or possibly give a course in exchange for a service from your side. Please contact us and ask about the possibilities!


Do you need a moderator for a debate on your event or activity? Or does your organisation need a workshop in debating, presenting or how to make an argument? Contact Trivium! Our moderators and trainers each have their own expertise, and together with you we can discuss how you want your workshop or debate to look like. For several years we have been giving courses at the Radboud University,  we have moderated debates for various events and we are regularly asked to train members of political parties. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities!