Important Documents

The membership form, to become a Trivium member.

The society by-laws

The society rules of procedure

The Declaration form, to submit your declarations

The Quadrivium registration form, to become a Quadrivium donator

GDPR document with the policy on processing personal data.

The board

There are a lot of practical things that come with having a society. The board are the people who maintain all of these things and keep an eye on everything. The board makes sure the committees do their job, is the main contact point for external workshops, maintains the administration and the accounting system and takes care of the debating nights to make sure it goes according to schedule and remains fun! This is a list to immortalise all board members and it includes the years in which they have guided our society to a better future.


Quadrivium is thé way for you as a Trivium alumnus to stay in touch with your society. You are welcome all society nights and you will be invited to all internal tournaments. That also includes TSE! We’ll write a newsletter, containing pictures and stories on what Trivium has been up to, especially for you. So you’ll never miss an important moment of your favorite student society! Of course, you’ll also be invited for the yearly alumni night, but besides that, we’ll organise a Quadrivium activity just for you and the current members of Trivium. This is the perfect moment to bring up great memories from your student life, and relive them for one night.


Committees are an essential part of Trivium’s existence: they organise events, make sure there’s plenty of fun activities and keep the society active! Would you like to be part of a committee? Contact one of the committees and/or the board!

Social Committee (Commissie Sociaal)
This committee aims to organise social events for all Trivium members. Some examples of these activities are Sinterklaas, dinners, parties and drinks, game nights, bowling nights and a pubquiz.
Contact the Social Committee at:

Debating Committee (Commissie Inhoudelijk)
This committee makes sure both the contents and the quality of the debates in Trivium are kept at just the right level. Other than that, they organise training courses for starting members and make course material. This committee is the motion think-tank and decides the subjects about which the society debates on their Tuesday nights.
Contact the Debating Committee at:

Tournament Committee (Toernooicommissie)
This committee organises our yearly Trivium tournament. If Nijmegen gets appointed the Dutch Championship, they organise that as well. They’re busy promoting, sponsoring, making sure we have plenty of food and make sure the outside world gets as enthusiastic about the tournament as we are!
Contact the Tournament Committee at:


Foundation Assembly: 16 June 2005

Dies: 7 March

Colours: Bordeaux and white

Recommendation board: A.A.M. van Agt, former Prime-minister of the Netherlands
prof. dr. C.W.P.M. Blom, former Rector Magnificus of the Radboud University Nijmegen

Adress: Nijmeegse Studenten Debatvereniging Trivium
Heyendaalseweg 141
6525 AJ Nijmegen


Bank account: NL18 TRIO 0379 7284 27 t.n.v. Nijmeegse Studenten Debatvereniging Trivium te Nijmegen

Kamer van Koophandel:
Inschrijfnummer: 09157436