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The membership form, to become a Trivium member.

The society by-laws

The society rules of procedure

The Declaration form, to submit your declarations

The Quadrivium registration form, to become a Quadrivium donator

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The Board

All practical aspects of the debating society are maintained by the board. The board looks after the committees, arranges external courses, keeps the membership administration and the accounts in order, and of course makes sure that the evenings run smoothly and remain fun! Below is a list of all the board members and the years they have guided our association to a better future. 


Quadrivium is the way for you as a Trivium alumnus to stay in touch with your society. You are welcome all society nights and you will be invited to all internal tournaments. That also includes TSE! We’ll write a newsletter, containing pictures and stories on what Trivium has been up to, especially for you. So you’ll never miss an important moment of your favorite student society! Of course, you’ll also be invited for the yearly alumni night, but besides that, we’ll organise a Quadrivium activity just for you and the current members of Trivium. This is the perfect moment to bring up great memories from your student life, and relive them for one night. The cost of Quadrivian donorship is 25 euros per year.


Committees are an essential part of Trivium’s existence: they organise events, make sure there’s plenty of fun activities and keep the society active! Would you like to be part of a committee? Contact one of the committees or the board!

Social Committee 
This committee organises regular social events for all Trivium members. Some examples of these activities are Sinterklaas, dinners, parties and drinks, game nights, bowling nights and a pubquiz.
Contact the Social Committee at:

Debating Committee 
This committee watches over the content and quality of debates within Trivium. To this end it organizes trainings for members of Trivium and creates course materials. Aside from that, the Debating committee is also the motion think-tank and thus decides the subjects about which the society debates on our Tuesday evenings.
Contact the Debating Committee at:

Tournament Committee 
This committee organises our yearly Trivium tournament. If Nijmegen gets appointed the Dutch Championships, they organise that as well. They’re busy promoting, sponsoring, making sure we have plenty of food and getting the outside world as enthusiastic about the tournament as we are!
Contact the Tournament Committee at:

Honorary members

Bart van Beek

Appointed March 7, 2013, reappointed February 21, 2018.

Bart van Beek participated in three boards, and in at least two of them, there would have been no future for the association without Bart. Both times no board could be found but Bart took his responsibility to take a place in the board and thus ensure the survival of the association. Bart was also the creator of the administrative system and the original website. In addition, Bart was always busy transferring knowledge during board changes, the many debate nights and courses. On top of that, he was also active for many years as a committee member, the driving force behind the alumni association and contributor to the discussions in Piecken. A worthy honorary member!

Jordi Vreede

Appointed September 5, 2013, reappointed January 7, 2019.

When Jordi took the position of chair in 2010, the association was not in good shape. After six months he was even the only board member left and there were not enough members to have a regular debate. But Jordi was not to be deterred. He put in a lot of effort and started numerous initiatives to get Trivium back on track. In 2011, he started a new board with honorary member Bart van Beek and Bart Ruber. Without their efforts, Trivium would not have existed today. The highlight was the visit of Alexander Pechtold. His hard work has paid off because thanks to him the association still exists!

Jelle Lössbroek

Appointed September 4, 2014, reappointed September 4, 2019.

The influence of Jelle’s presence is still tangible every year: he is the creator of the now traditional Trivium Summer Edition. Even before he joined the board he and a number of enthusiasts outside of the board organized the first edition! Together with Bart van Beek he also invented many TSE debate forms that people enjoyed for years. After his two years on the board he remained an exceptionally involved member. Among other things, he was a member of the Council of Advice for several years and became the secretary of the Debatbond.

David van der Geld

Appointed September 20, 2017, reappointed September 15, 2022.

David was the quiet force in the background for many years. He was treasurer for a year and secretary for a year, helped countless later treasurers on their way, supported the Council of Advice for many years, helped on all committees, and organized Dutch Debating Championships in Nijmegen. But members from his time will remember him for the many engaging conversations at get-togethers that were far above the average pub conversation.

Ike Lieshout

Appointed September 20, 2018, reappointed September 13, 2023.

Ike joined Trivium in 2011 and now, 8 years later, is still roaming around Trivium! This makes her one of the longest sitting members of Trivium ever. But she certainly hasn’t been sitting still: During this time she served on a board, helped on all committees, and became the longest serving member on the Council of Advice ever. Through all her years of experience, she grew to be the “mom” of Trivium with always wise counsel, both after debates with personal feedback and during get-togethers. Ike has not only been an enthusiastic debater and “borrelaar” for years, but she has also contributed to the debating skills of old and new Trivians year after year. In other words, Ike is a rock in the surf who more than deserves to be an honorary member!

Daan Spackler

Appointed February 9, 2022.

In all their years at Trivium, Daan has contributed to the association in a lot of different ways. They were on the board, member of the Council of Advice, helped with committees and organized numerous tournaments. Aside from these formal tasks, Daan also put Trivium’s name on the map through tournament successes on a national and international scale. The experience they collected there has made them one of Trivium’s best debaters and judges, who has helped countless new and more experienced members with feedback and tips. In addition Daan keeps motivating other members with their enthousiasme for debating and Trivium. We are very proud to have Daan as an honorary member! 


Foundation Assembly: 16 June 2005

Dies: 7 March

Colours: Bordeaux and white

Recommendation board: A.A.M. van Agt, former Prime-minister of the Netherlands
prof. dr. C.W.P.M. Blom, former Rector Magnificus of the Radboud University Nijmegen

Adress: Nijmeegse Studenten Debatvereniging Trivium
Heyendaalseweg 141
6525 AJ Nijmegen


Bank account: NL18 TRIO 0379 7284 27 t.n.v. Nijmeegse Studenten Debatvereniging Trivium te Nijmegen

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