From 2007 onwards, Trivium organizes her own debating tournament. We experimented with a range of different debating formats. For instance, the first edition was an all-round debating tournament, in which debates were held in different formats. Later editions were in AP or BP format, and in 2017 we chose for the WDSC format. The Trivium tournament is the only Dutch student tournament in this format, which makes our tournament a little extra special.

Other tournaments we organised were the Dutch Championships in 2009 and 2015, and the Dutch Mace in 2017. All our tournaments are announced in advance, both on our website and on Facebook. On a tournament, we will provide the participants with good food and lots of coffee. Lunch and dinner and included in the fees and we are well known for our cakes that are home-baked by our members. So be sure you won’t miss our next tournament!

Hall of Fame

Below you’ll find all the winners of the last Trivium Tournaments. Are you also in this list next year?

Jaar Teams Winnaars Beste spreker
2017 12 Roel Becker, Romée Lind en Jeroen Wijnen Devin van den Berg
2016-2 24 Devin van den Berg en Roel Becker Devin van den Berg
2016-1 32 Gigi Gil en Alex Klein Gigi Gil
2014 24 Tomas Beerthuis en Alex Klein Tomas Beerthuis
2010 28 Lars Duursma & Victor Vlam Sarie Muijs
2009 (NK) 38 Rutger Vos & Salar al-Khafaji Julius Lindenbergh
2008 32 Marina Lacroix & Salar al-Khafaji Gijs Schumacher
2007 20 Eric Stam & Mark Reijman Eric Stam