Who Are We?

Student Debating Society Trivium is an active and enthusiastic society for students in and around Nijmegen. Some join us to (learn how to) debate, others simply because they enjoy the company of our members. Trivium proves to be both a useful as well as just a fun student society to join!

Every Tuesday, starting from 6:45 pm, we have a debating night on the third floor of the Erasmus building (E3.01).  The debate topics range widely: from science, politics and culture to the medical, ethical, socio-economic and philosophical questions. Think of any topic and you can almost be assured there has been a debate about it. These debating nights usually end up with a drink at our pub of choice, Café the Kluizenaar. We’re usually there around 10 pm.

Trivium joins national ánd international tournaments to verbally feud with debaters from other societies. We also organise our own yearly tournament, where debaters from all over the Netherlands are welcome to a battle of wits and arguments on our own field.

Apart from debating and drinking, we have committees as well. They are responsible for a lot of things: from organising dinner parties to an educational night and from a games night to organising our tournament. For beginning debaters, it’s also possible to join one of our beginner’s courses.

So is your interest sufficiently piqued? Come join us for one of our debating nights! It’s perfectly fine to simply walk in, but it’s also fine to contact us first if you’d like. If your interest is in having a drink with us, meet us at the Kluizenaar. You’re free to simply join whenever you wish!

Are you somebody who doesn’t want to become a member, but would like to use our services? We offer workshops and moderation for debates to (student) organisations, secondary schools, political parties, companies and events.