The Board

There are a lot of practical things that come with having a society. The board are the people who maintain all of these things and keep an eye on everything. The board makes sure the committees do their job, is the main contact point for external workshops, maintains the administration and the accounting system and takes care of the debating nights to make sure it goes according to schedule and remains fun! This is a list to immortalise all board members and it includes the years in which they have guided our society to a better future.

2018-2019: Board ’18 ’19

Chairperson: Bas Nordkamp
Treasurer: Daan Welling
Secretary: Sijmen Huizenga
General board member: Simone Landman


2017-2018: Board Spackler

Chairperson: Daan Spackler
Treasurer: Ellen Goltstein
Secretary: Vidan Samardžić
External Affairs Officer: Daniël Dekkers

2016-2017: Board Duval

Chairperson: Jordi Duval
Treasurer: Barbara Christ
Secretary: Özhan Kenç

2015-2016: Board Vlagsma

Chairperson: Lydia Vlagsma
Treasurer: Thierry Pol
Secretary: Sophie Hooyman

2014-2015: Board Ten Hertog

Chairperson: Stefan ten Hertog
Treasurer: Glenn Viveen
Secretary: David van der Geld

2013-2014: Board van Drieberge

Chairperson: Cedric van Drieberge
Treasurer: David van der Geld
Secretary: Marcel van der Heijden
Internal Affairs Officer: Céleste van der Togt
External Affairs Officer: Sophie van der Woerdt

2012-2013: Board Vermeeren

Chairperson: Richard Vermeeren
Treasurer: Ike Lieshout
Secretary: Sara Clappers

2011-2012: Board Vreede 2
Chairperson: Jordi Vreede
Treasurer: Bart van Beek
Secretary: Bart Ruber

2010-2011: Board Vreede

Chairperson: Jordi Vreede
Treasurer: Koen van Vught
Secretary: Joyce van Rossem

2009-2010: Board Arts

Chairperson: Ben Arts
Treasurer: Sander Kooij
Secretary: Jelle Lössbroek/Bart van Beek

2008-2009: Board Verbakel 3

Chairperson: Joshua Verbakel
Treasurer: Ben Arts
Secretary: Jelle Lössbroek
Public Relations Officer: Daan Steeghs
Activity Officer: Lucette van Duijn

2007-2008: Board Hellegers

Chairperson: Stan Hellegers
Treasurer: Bart van Beek
Secretary: Rianne van Niekerk
Public Relations Officer: Lonneke Bannink

2006-2007: Board Roborgh

Chairperson: Sophie Roborgh
Treasurer: José Dominguez
Secretary: Thijs van Manen
Public Relations Officer: Daan Fifis du Pont

2005-2006: Board Verbakel 2

Voorzitter: Joshua Verbakel
Penningmeester: Oscar Paling
Secretaris: Marnix Kuindersma
Public Relations Officer: Eelco Karthaus

2005: Board Verbakel 1

Voorzitter: Joshua Verbakel
Penningmeester: Théke Siebers
Secretaris: Oscar Paling
Commissaris PR: Hans van de Louw