Debating is getting increasingly popular in secondary schools: More and more schools have their own debating club, and since a couple of years, debating has become a compulsary element of the curriculum. Are you a coordinator of a debating club, and do you want to have a good preparation for a tournament? Do you want to prepare your students for debating in class? Or do you want to introduce your students to debating in a fun, casual and interactive way? Trivium is ready to help!

In our standard workshop “introduction to debating”, we learn the students to organise their arguments and how to rebuttle. Besides, we cover topic such as framing, structuring and presenting.

Because our workshops are designed on demand, we are able to specifically on your needs. We can develop a workshop for every grade: from a workshop for the older students with debating experience, to an interactive introduction to debating for the younger students.

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